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Surface area - 8,310 Acres Impounded - 1969
Location - SW of D/FW

Lake Granbury is a North Texas reservoir near Granbury, Texas. It was created in 1969 and is only one of three lakes damming the Brazos River. Lake Granbury is contained by the De Cordova Bend Dam and is a long, narrow lake, encompassed by 103 miles (221 km) of shoreline. The lake is controlled by the Brazos River Authority in Granbury.

The lake was first proposed in the late 1950s. Construction was begun on the Cordova Bend Dam on December 15, 1966 by Zachry Construction Company.[1]. Impoundment of water began on September 15, 1969. The proposed construction of the De Cordova Bend Dam in the mid-1950s became the impetus for John Graves' book, Goodbye to a River.

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